Fiber Optic Sensor Manhole Switches intrusion detection systems

Intrusion Detection

Mats & Platforms





CEL’s FiberStrike® mats and platforms are expertly used to provide intrusion detection zones. Numerous mats or platforms can be linked together to create long expanses of continuous monitoring with multiple individually-addressed zones. The platforms detect and locate intrusion including but not limited to any standing, walking, jumping, and digging, on or around a secure area. The platforms may be custom designed to camouflage their presence and can be made in a variety of colors to match their environment.



This high speed technology is immune to environmental interferences such as EMI, RFI and corrosion making our product ideal for years of high level performance in outdoor environments. The hardware may reside long distances away from the protected area providing great flexibility in installation and numerous systems can be linked together to protect sizable areas.



Whether FiberStrike® products are to be used as stand-alone intrusion protection or integrated into existing control systems, CEL has the necessary hardware, software and integration expertise to handle nearly any application.



Alternate configurations can easily be designed to meet the needs of specific applications. Alternate material types may be used by consulting with our engineering department.

Intrusion Detection Mats Platforms Security
Applications include:

Mass Transportation Platforms

Railway Tracks

Unauthorized Areas

Remote Entrances

Industrial/Commercial Critical Infrastructure


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